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Only a dream
It’s naked bodies, showered in sunlight
And lazy kisses planted all over smooth skin.
Fingers dancing slowly together
Trying to paint a picture of love.
It’s two hearts, beating faster and faster
Drops of sweat rolling gently to sheets.
And the slide of wet skin on skin, oh, so easy
All the lust, all the feelings…
And it’s just only a dream.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 0
The ruins of the world.
The walls around, tattooed with hurt.
These houses - they're not our home.
We are not welcomed here.
Oh, baby, you can't change my thoughts.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 1 3
Who loves the world?
What would it feel like to die?
Alone and scared,
But in love with the world.
Absurd. Am I right?
No one's in love with this world.
Who could love wars and the deaths.
The ones who die love the world.
They don't want to leave.
The seconds before their death,
They realise they are in love...
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 0
Writer's Nonsense
Thoughts in my head are all gone,
But the tears are still pouring.
I'm not thinking of you.
Who gave you this thought?
You're not some kind of god,
So, I could think of you all the time.
You're just one person,
Who I don't like... I'm just scared.
You would be too, but that's a different topic.
It's like cutting my heart out,
But this isn't a sob story.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 1 2
Vampire's Life.
To be a blood sucker.
To be the scum on the earth.
The God's damned creature
Blood is our only gold.
We are night-time children,
But we aren't afraid of the sun.
So, you all little mortals,
Aren't safe even at daytime from us.
And the mirrors don't show us.
Our footsteps are quiet.
We are driven by blood thirst
There's no escaping our clutch.
Come here, little mortal.
Let us play this fun game,
Where I'll sink my fangs in
You won't be able to win.
You, my dear little mortal,
Are going to die!
And no crosses or garlic
Will save you now.
Sucking your blood out
Is so much better that sex.
I can feel your heart beating
And you're beginning to sweat.
I can make this painful,
You'll be moaning from pain.
Oh, I know you don't want that,
But it's in our nature, you know.
Now you know who we are.
The sadists and loners.
We are a threat to your world,
And we are loving it all.
After all, we are better than you.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 5
'Sh... Relax, little girl. Everything is going to be all right. All I'm asking of you is just to kill yourself,' came the quite eerie Voice. 'Think about it, sweetie. I know you dream about death.'
That Voice, it's killing me, making me slowly lose my mind. I can't stand it… But it knows what I want, what I crave and beg for. He wants and encourages my suicide… But what do I do? I cry and beg The Voice to leave me alone. I want Him to go away, but he is always here.
'Yes, my dear. I'm always here... I'm here to remind you how fucked up you are and how death is your only way to change this mistake.' And here it is again.
'Why can't you leave me alone? Let me live my life without you, Voice. I don't even know who you are. And I don't understand why you had to come after me…' And here I go, breaking down once again. And this is what He wants. He's sick - He loves watching me break down. 'Please, just leave me alone, I can't take it any mor
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 4
Imperfect love.
Thank you, for ignoring me all the time.
It made everything simple
In my not so happy life.
You're a good person
Just not the one for me.
I know your life will be good without the person
That I am desperately trying to be.
And you don't care about me
And I don't care about you
This is a perfect match for an imperfect love.
And maybe we will meet up
In the not so distant future
To laugh at our childish mistakes.
And I'll still be wishing to be with you forever
Although, it will be just another hopeless dream...
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 1 3
There is everyone...
There's no one and everyone,
Who loves you and hates you,
Who wants to punch you
Or maybe just kiss you.
You'd like to believe
That everyone loathes you,
But you haven't met the right person yet.
You always tell truth,
And you believe in everyone,
In everything good and even bad things.
Before your sleep you're wishing to die
And when you wake up - you're hating your life
Your life is cliché and there's no denying
And nobody hates you and nobody loves you.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 3
In the world of tomorrow.
In the world of tomorrow
We'll be covered with water
'Cause the earth will be crying.
We'll do nothing to stop it.
In the world of tomorrow,
There'll be no smiles and laughter.
Every person'll be crying
'Cause the end's getting closer.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 2 0
Pretty girls get everything
When you hug yourself in your sleep,
Does it mean that you're lonely?
And when you talk to yourself all day,
It will really seem that you have no one.
When a person isn't really pretty,
Will that mean, no one will love him?
And do looks in our time mean so much,
That I am so alone all the time.
And do pretty girls get everything?
And ugly ones are left with nothing.
Does inteligence still mean something?
Or should I just get a plastic surgery?
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 0
This is me.
We're drifting apart
Former best friends.
I wish I knew you better,
But you don't seem to care.
I wish I were better
'Cause from everybody's words
I'm just an egoistical girl, who
Doesn't deserve love.
Nor friendship, especially yours.
Oh, girl, I'm probably better alone.
The suffering here in this world.
You'll find me dead in the woods - mark my words.
I'll kill myself, just like that,
The suicide note will just say
'My life was too dull'.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 0
Imaginary Feelings
I'll be just waiting for you
I don't mind being here,
Where it's cold and lonely,
But I'm waiting for you.
I'll be sitting here just
Waiting and waiting.
I don't mind being here
'Cause I do it all for you.
You're the love of my life
You're the sun in the sky
And I'm a living cliche
Who thought up all that.
I wish you were here
Where it's cold and lonely
'Cause I'm still waiting for you.
Baby, it was always only for you!
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 1 2
To feel...
Just use me
It's better than being ignored.
And shout at me
Silence kills me the most.
Kiss me
Even though I don't really like you.
But I can always pretend
Just to feel loved once again.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 1 4
My Friend
I'm making you jealous
With the new friends I make.
And I bet you thought
I'd always be your friend.
I was the one, who helped you
Without being helped back.
But I do believe that
You don't own me, babe.
So I'm thinking of going away
I'm thinking of leaving you alone.
And maybe you'll see
You're nothing without me.
You always new I was emotionally unstable,
But you passed that as a fucking joke.
How many nights I cried myself to sleep
Thinking of how I wanted to die.
Now comes the time, when i say
Good-bye, my friend.
I met so many people
Who are able and willing to help.
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 5
Even seatbelts as straps for my wrists
Won't stop me from marking them brutally.
Even the bluntest razors will scar me for life.
And the words from the world leave marks
On my soul, they won't heal - not sooner, not later.
bloody tears on my wrists
you said you loved them, baby
you begged me to cry blood

And this is what love does to all of us.
Why are we so stupid to fall so hard?
I deserve this, baby - I am in love!
Tell me I'm fat, too stupid for you... I know
But I still love you - this is how much my love is blind.
bloody tears on my wrists
you said you loved them, baby
you begged me to cry blood
But I think it's better if I die!
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 0 8
For you, Mother.
All this hate for you, Mother!
You're not my Mom, not at all.
Just a stranger to me,
Wishing I was someone I'm not.
Drink this hate up, Mother,
I will never be you.
You never noticed the pain
You put your daughter through.
I hope you choke, Mother,
On those hurtful words you use.
I'm so scared nowadays.
I hope I'll never become you.
You're dissappointed in me, Mother
It's all in your eyes.
You wanted a daughter,
Who never thought of suicide.
I know you despise me, Mother.
It's written all over your face.
I bet you wanted a nice little girl,
Who'd never resist your mind games.
I am a fuck up, Mother,
And I know it quite well.
You pointed it out to me and
I know - I'm going to hell.
So tell me, please, Mother
How would you feel,
If I slit my own wrists
And you would find me?
:iconnadiasha:Nadiasha 4 5


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